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A better way to manage workers compensation & essential HR functions.

What is an AEO?

Alternative Comp Solutions is a leading Alternative Employer Organization (AEO) based in Ohio. We specialize in providing comprehensive HR services tailored to the needs of small and mid-sized companies. As an off-site HR department, we offer a wide range of solutions, including payroll administration, employee benefits management, HR compliance assistance, workers’ compensation coverage, and expert HR consulting. One of the key benefits of partnering with an AEO like Alternative Comp Solutions is that we do not engage in co-employment, allowing businesses to maintain full control over their workforce while receiving the advantages of our professional expertise and customized HR solutions.

Visit the Ohio BWC Website to Learn More About Alternate Employer Organizations (AEO)

What we do for you

Recognizing a void in the workers’ compensation sector, we developed an innovative platform that revolutionizes how businesses handle their workers’ comp program. Our cutting-edge solution enables organizations to streamline and optimize the management of workers’ compensation, resulting in improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Workers' compensation coverage

Immediate savings with guaranteed rates, comprehensive management of workers’ compensation insurance, including claims administration and risk assessment for a safe and protected workforce.


Payroll administration

Accurate and timely processing of employee payroll, including tax withholdings, calculations, and direct deposit.


Employee benefits management:

Customized employee benefit programs, including health insurance, retirement plans, and voluntary benefits, with efficient administration and support.


Risk management:

Proactive identification and mitigation of HR-related risks and liabilities through tailored strategies and proactive measures.


Time and attendance tracking:

Efficient systems to accurately track employee work hours, absences, and time off requests, streamlining attendance management.


HR technology solutions

Cutting-edge HR software platforms for efficient HR management, reporting, analytics, and enhanced data-driven decision-making.

Retain Control

Alternative Comp Solutions, as an AEO, does not engage in co-employment, ensuring that businesses maintain complete control over their workforce. This offers the benefit of allowing businesses to make independent decisions while still accessing the expertise and comprehensive HR services provided by Alternative Comp Solutions.

ACS BenEfits

Immediate Savings

Using our AEO solution your company gets immediate savings that you can allocate to growing your business.


Your exposure to claims fall on us not you. Giving you peace of mind without fear of the BWC raising your rates.

In Control

Your business in your control. With our AEO you get all the benefits of a PEO without needing co-employment.


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About Us

Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Alternative Comp Solutions LLC is a trusted provider of integrated solutions for businesses in the realms of risk management, employee benefits, human resources, and payroll & tax services.  

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by organizations maintaining and managing a labor force, Alternative Comp Solutions offer tailored strategies and support to optimize operations, mitigate risks, attract and retain talent, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. By partnering with our company, businesses can confidently manage their workforce while focusing on their core objectives and growth.



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